Before I get started, I would like to invite you to something:


Don’t say I didn’t invite you!  Well, you can say it, if you must.

Feel free to come by and have a word with me.  I’ll be sitting at the table with pictures from my blogs.  If you like, I make available my book (in print) at a ‘you had to see him to believe it’ price.  I will also make available the ebook, thru the various retailers (Kobo, B&N, iBooks, Google, Kindle, Etc.) also.

While that is still technically the future, that wasn’t the future I was referring to in my previous blog.  I’m talking a little more forward than that.  Basically, I’m referring to what I will be writing about in this blog in the future.  There are three things specifically I’ll be touching on:

  • What is left
  • What comes next
  • The Maelstrom

Among other things.  Next month I’ll focus on the first one.  This is to help everyone see what is going on in the novel (who haven’t read it) while bringing out a few points that could be overlooked (for those who have).  There’s a reason for this; you’ll have to visit me at my booth in St. Louis to know that reason.

What comes next will follow in December. Precisely as it implies, I’m outlining where this story is going.  If you would like to know all of that sooner well, I’ll be in St. Louis to answer all your questions in person.

That will close out the year, so there is a lot to looks forward to!

Oh yeah, I did mention another point, didn’t I?  I’ll get to that next year.  Or, Just ask me in St. Louis.  Your choice.

See you there.


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