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While today my vocation is the building trades, specifically Plumbing, Pipefitting, and other Industrial pipe work, when this novel was started, I was an aspiring artist.  I once composed a number of varied stories, primarily for a graphic novel series.  However, this novel was a beginning of an effort for a longer, exclusively word-based ‘illustrated’ story.

Like many projects of my youth, these required investments of time (and finances!) I could not commit to the endeavor.  My goal today is to complete that task, since I have more time (and finances!) to commit.

In the meantime, I have travelled some, and examined other novels to better understand my goal of completing this first novel.  And with experience, I have now have a direction for the series that will follow this first novel.  My vocation thus far has covered many fields, including construction, customer relations (under adversarial and more mundane circumstances), and the food services industry.  Not all my experiences necessarily influence the story, but many of the individuals I’ve met along the way have helped to give my characters depth.

When I started this novel, I wasn’t sure if I would finish it.  Once it was completed, I then wondered, ‘Why stop here?’ I look forward to sharing with you this story.