Hello! I’m a writer of books.

I try to think I will make a career of writing.

I’m kidding!

I try to think I’ll finish all the books in this series.  That’s unfortunately true.  I’ve mentioned that my vocation is plumbing work, and while most people would picture me doing something like this:


Most of my experience has been in places like this:

  • Anacortes_Refinery_31911In refineries – This is not ‘plumbing’ work, per se.  It’s pipefitting typically.  Unless you’re a welder of pipe.  Then, it’s not.


  • GFBBZP_Hospitals – I have only worked in a few, but two were brand new buildings (not adding on; new free-standing hospitals) and one, well, was built for the original United States VA program, after ‘The Great War.’


  • SONY DSCSemiconductor facilities – there is a lot of piping in these, to get to the finished product. More planning, just because you don’t want to layout your tubing, and then realize you have 6 lines crossing in the same physical space (tried to find a better picture, but I guess the insides are secret. Though, it’s basically an empty space with a wall of piping, valves every few inches or feet off 20-30 different liquids and gases. A plumbing dream and/or nightmare).


  • CSIRO_ScienceImage_444_Australian_Animal_Health_Laboratory_Sewage_PipesOther significant structures – Mostly malls and commercial remodels, some more interesting than that though.


I think you get the idea.  While I would like to build a house someday (and do my own plumbing), the reality is that commercial and industrial plumbing is a different reality from residential plumbing.  There are things I’ve seen in residential plumbing that I would never do (even on my house), and things that I didn’t realize could be done in residential plumbing (because it didn’t come up for me).

For the present time, I’ll support myself with that.  But, should my book do more awesome, I’ll at least consider early retirement.

Which brings me to my current project.  Since I have a day job, there aren’t copious amounts of time available to simply indulge this project like I hoped. But, it is moving forward.  The challenge at present is deciding how to present this.

I thought about it and thought about it, and felt it would be better to do so in person.  That way I can personally address questions, talk to readers and get a general feel of what they think is next.  What they think will happen.  Or even, if they think anything will.

I invite you to join me in St. Louis, Missouri.  It is a state in the Central United States, bordered on the east by the Mississippi, the longest river in the U.S. and the Missouri River (partially) on the west.  St. Louis is along the Mississippi.

I will be attending the 2018 Indie Book Fair, along with a number of other authors, and will share more about my project there.  Find a link to the event below to learn more.

And while this project at present is seemingly all-consuming, there is still more ahead.  Next week, let’s focus on that.


Thanks for reading!  Please like and share! You can follow on FacebookTumblr, and read excerpts from The Silent Invader @RB_Thurman (and follow!), in addition to the chapters I add here. If you prefer, you can also read my posts on Goodreads.  Next month (November 2018) I will be making an appearance in physical form.  It will be on the North American continent, in the United States, in the state of Missouri.  I am attending the 2018 St. Louis Indie Book Fair, along with a number of other authors, and I invite you to join us there.  In the coming weeks, I’ll be providing more info through my blog, but you can learn more about it here.

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