I think was implied in my last blog (which, it seems, I forgot to tell anyone about), but there is a reason to understand why this is significant.

Public shaming can be very useful in motivating a party to take action when the shaming is justified, and the offending party sees the impetus to make adjustments to remove this scorn. It is unlikely to be useful if the shaming is unjustified, or the party does not view a matter the same way. It loses its effectiveness as the result of one party is not seeing a matter of shame as such.

If you insist that your 7 foot 1-inch friend is not well-suited for being a horse jockey and ‘shame’ him into taking up basketball and they do, it would seem your efforts were effective. However, if this friend insists he was entering this sport anyway, it would imply your attempts to shame them were not effective, and further, even wasted on your part, since his actions were not determined from your shame campaign.

Earth (that is, ‘us’) is attempting to shame the Tyberian Empire. And while they (‘we’ again) think they (we) know what will make them feel shame, it would appear their (our) views on the matter are colored by their (our) culture.

Now, depending on your actual culture, some of the premises of the Pacts’ shaming efforts may not be ones you can easily relate to. Or, they’re too relatable. Much of the Pact view on the matter would likely be a composite since the story implies there are not enough of any given culture to impress what is the primary culture. Though, I will imply that because of where I was born and live, I realize I cannot eliminate all my cultural influences perfectly (or, at 14 that I was trying), and to suggest that is possible is equal parts ridiculous. I was trying, though. And the result was basically the Tyberians did not feel the ‘shame’ that the Pact thought they should.

But shaming can also have another effect. Shaming a party may also cause others to feel as you do regarding the matter, even if the party being humiliated does not. It could be that one person bringing shame will have no impact, but several may be more effective. And while this could imply that a consensus is more effective against the Tyberian Empire in evoking shame, I would point out that the story is speaking about the Pact wanting a war with the Tyberian Empire. The shaming may then have another purpose entirely:

Joe leans back. “It seems pretty clear that’s their intentions.”
Samantha nods. “I agree. In fact, I’m positive that’s their goal. Now that I think about the matter, calling yours the Alexandrian empire may play into that, too. To antagonize with a verbal slight. They … would make the Tyberian people appear to be the aggressors in the matter. That would make it easier to rally any neutral worlds to their side.”

Joe & Samantha Kershaw

Consensus-building could be more the agenda, than just ‘shaming’ the Tyberian Empire. Whether that is the case is something you will have to read for yourself.

Before anyone reads the book and insists I was misleading you, the comments above do not seem to imply shaming. However, shaming is only one way the Pact seeks to provoke. There are a number of things happening at the same time, leading to the result of a war. And we should understand that the goal is not to make the House of Tyberius ashamed of itself and nothing more or hope they will retreat from the diplomatic adversity.

My hope is next week to conclude with another party entering the fray in this book, but much will depend on my schedule. I have many engagements over the next few weeks, and I’m not sure I will have the next blog ready in time (or the one after. Because I know you’re wanting SO BAD to read about me again…). Hopefully, I’ll get it out. But if I don’t, I want you to know I tried. Till then.

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