The question still remains:  Who is The Silent Invader?

Book two will revisit this by presenting another party as the Silent Invader with a simple statement:

“You will soon understand who truly is your ‘Silent Invader.’”


When you make a comment like that, it makes you wonder why there is a need for clarification.  But, like I said last week, this is all one book. So, even in this portion of the book, this is not yet resolved.  But, there is a new suspect.

Much of what I’m revealing in the blogs this month can be considered ‘spoilers,’ since they’re addressing things that are in both the current book (found here) and highlighting new points in the second.

So, who is the new suspect as the Silent Invader?  I’ll allow Richard to share his view:

Now that I think about it, this calls to mind what the Maelstrom said to me, about the silent invader not being the Silent Invader. Could he have been referring to the Terrans?

Richard Tyberius

Richard is asking himself why would humanity (as a reminder, that’s us–the people who live on Earth) be their ‘Silent Invader?’  Before I answer that, I’m going to share a series of quotes offering a little perspective on humanity at this period of time.  Because it can help us understand why Richard might question this.

Regarding Technology:

Fundamentally, the Pact should not want to hide any technology, since the Terrans are already viewed by many worlds as primordial.

Regarding Alliances:

I know she wants her home to be safe for her and others. It is clear there are not enough people like her left, and the chosen allies of the Terrans are not reliable company to keep.

Regarding Battle Strategy (this from a human in the Military):

“Are you kidding?” he squeals. “Most of the Terran aerospace fleet do well to remember the basics!” 


There should be a common thread here. One of a threat that isn’t threatening. Based on what you’ve just seen (and maybe read in the first book) you could wonder why anyone would fear ‘us’ when Terrans would say this about they Tyberian Empire:

Richard turns around to Maice. “Why did they attack? What did we do to provoke them?”
Maice shakes his head. “Perhaps provocation wasn’t needed to warrant their actions.”
“Perhaps,” Richard remarks. “But why us?”
Maice turns to the viewport, fixating on the Maelstrom. “There can be no better test of mettle than a perceived superior adversary.  By defeating it, you can be certain your skills and military prowess are superior and establish the present order of military might.”
Richard turns forward, facing an oblong asteroid close by.  “There must be dozens of other races that provide a more suitable challenge than us!”
Maice shakes his head. “Not really, sir. In our area of space, the Pact has concluded that your people possess the most powerful naval fleet.”
Richard turns away. “No way! There are other races with far more powerful ships than ours!”
“Yes,” Maice grasps Richard’s chair back, pulling himself closer, “but no other race has a fleet as advanced as yours!”

Maice & Richard

Everyone seems to suggest that it isn’t the Terrans.  But Richard has asked the question, and he’s basing it on a conversation with a character not yet introduced in the series (this book will be his debut).

Speaking of a debut, next week let’s actually talk about this character, and the others I referenced briefly last month.

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