Last week, I mentioned that while the next book is a continuation of this one, it stands to reason why the protagonist would appear a few chapters into the book, and then be ‘dealt with,’ by the middle of it.  What is the rest of it about?  This:

“So let me see this straight. The Silent Invader came seeking revenge on us because, after we destroyed them, we went into the past and attacked them?” 

Richard Tyberius

I touched on this before when I introduced Richard in a blog, but I will just mention this again: Be careful who you listen to (in the book. Well, in life in general too, but that’s another matter…).

Let me give you a simple example, using Richard as a marmot.  When Richard introduces himself, he made this statement:

… I can assure you I am in excellent shape, especially since Fitness, Stamina, Dexterity class is required the first two years…

Richard Tyberius

But here, after ‘exerting’ himself briefly, he relates:

Richard, moving onto another couch nearby, looks over to his wife, tries to tame his heavy breathing while shaking his head. “Oh, no! I … I am just a little out of round!” He finally admits, laughing between gasps. “I did not exercise strenuously that often toward the end of the semester, so anything heavier than a plate of food I might have trouble lifting.”

Richard again.

Depending on your perspective, this could simply be an exaggeration of his strength.  But, it could also seem like more.  You’ll have to read more to see which you feel is the case.

The point is that he said one thing, but the facts stated something different.  And while not everything in the book is this overt, the things that don’t make it harder to discern who may know the most about a given situation.

You also have to recognize that not everyone shares what they know, even well into the next book.  Can you be certain that all is well?  Can you be certain you know where the next conflict might be?

This is why identifying the Silent Invader is crucial for Richard, since there are both the present dangers from threats that may appear suddenly, but also the dangers presented by their history give them worries.

Then there is this statement:

“You will soon understand who truly is your ‘Silent Invader.’”


The key thing to realize is that while the Silent Invader is present, like some antagonists, they are not always the first to introduce themselves.  This is why it may not seem like the book doesn’t have it in there.  As you read more, and especially after you realize who the Silent Invader is, you’ll see that not only that they’re present, but it will make you wonder what else you might have missed.

That’s actually the point.  Once you see who the Silent Invader is, then you wonder about what else is happening in each of the books.  How much of what is presented actually involved the Silent Invader possibly directly, and how much really didn’t.

You may even be curious who would make the above comment regarding the Silent Invader, or some of the other quotes you’ve seen recently.  Next week we’ll find out more about them.

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