I do try to plan things.  They just don’t always come together as expected.

It should be obvious to my regular readers that I was late posting my blog again.  Not because I didn’t know I would be away from my house this weekend (I did). Or even because I forgot to schedule the blog (I actually did that too!  I should be so proud, except…, yeah…).  So, why did I miss my deadline?

I blame it on ETP.

What is ETP?  Before I answer that, let’s clarify the events leading up to this debacle.

I was planning to complete another project by the end of last month (I didn’t), and also finish my blog for this week by roughly the end of July (didn’t happen, either). While the blog was actually 90 percent done (in my head), the other project was running aground in shallow water (I know it’s a terrible analogy, just run with the horses, and don’t get stampeded by the tortoises.  Just,… Whatever).

Now realize, I’m not describing the situation at this moment (as I type this blog, in September!), I’m talking about the beginning of August.  Well ahead of this post date.  Most could say there was still time for both projects to come to fruition.

But, alas, I had already given up on both (mostly the blog, but, yeah).  I had concluded that there wasn’t time to finish anything, so I was paralyzed into doing nothing. Probably a tad premature, but hear me out.  This is supposed to be my monthly blog about me, so please allow me to share.

After a couple days, I started on my project in earnest, to ‘prove’ to myself it wouldn’t get done in the time I set aside, and I can say it was a resounding success! I didn’t finish! YAY!

Of course, now there’s the problem of the blog. While I had given up on typing the blog (despite being 90 percent done in my head) I did start it, schedule it, and even laid it out.  The idea being that since it was ‘started’ I would have to finish it before the due date.

Then the date came, and the blog didn’t.

What was supposed to happen is that I was to have a sudden burst of energy overcome me, and facilitate typing the blog and then finishing it in the hours proceeding its publication. Further, this Epiphany was to prevent the blog from being published late and allow me to accomplish something in the waning moments before the blog was to appear. As a result, this Epiphany through Procrastination was a condition dreamed up as a methodology for performing relatively mundane tasks with alarmingly unnecessary stress.  Like testing a defibrillator on yourself. Not the practice one from your first aid refresher, a real one.

Obviously, there would be consequences for taking said action.  First, it wouldn’t work.  I mean, the thing would detect your heartbeat and tell me no shock is needed.  In which case I’d have to find a way to mask my pulse, while still allowing a shock to pass through.  Can’t help there, since I’ve realized I’m just not as smart as that little box of electric stickers.  But it doesn’t matter anyway, because I’m sure giving myself heart palpitations or even stopping my heart isn’t really my idea of fun.

Wait, what were we talking about?

Second, once you cut all the time away that you had to accomplish the blog, even if you were at least thinking it through, not allowing time to actually type it may not lead to the ideal conclusion being sought. If you recall, I type slow. And, to some extent, I still do.

Third, it has never worked.  Well.  It has, at times worked, but not well enough to make it a go-to method. ETP is dangerously inconsistent.

So how do I address ETP?  I’ll figure that out later.  Right now, I have an incredible project that I must complete!  Since I didn’t have quite enough time last month to finish, I’ll need this month to accomplish it.  I’m actually almost done, I just had to type a blog! Wow, it was sucking the life out of me to do it!

Since I shared your favorite blogs last month, I will share mine this month.  I will start typing the October MOTM (Now? Soon?) so you can know what I’ve been up to these past couple months!

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