Once, long ago, I thought I could draw.

I mentioned in an earlier blog that I had the ambition of publishing a comic.  Self-publishing.  As the final decade of the 20th century closed, I knew print wasn’t going to happen (I was not wealthy), So the internet became a haven to the series.


There was a small problem with that ambition that comes to light as I put together this blog.  In attempting to present a small portion of the ‘original internet sensation’ that was my brief online comic, I realized my goal of showing parts of the first issue have reached an impasse.

I have no first issue.  Nothing.  Perhaps at a later date, when I actually allocate enough time in the blog planning calendar to ‘do research’ (i.e., unbury my art and rescan it all), I’ll add some.  For now, I’ll add in a few random images from my site as I converse with you regarding this endeavor.  And I want to apologize in advance, this is not a curated selection.  This is very random


Untitled 4
This has nothing to do with the comic.  This is a picture of some armor I thought looked cool.


Well, maybe.  I started composing the idea of this blog before looking for the images I would feature.  I did this because in the late 20th century I drew prodigiously.  I also had a color flatbed scanner, so I also scanned and colored many of my drawings in Photoshop.  So I was sure I had a massive catalog of digital art to draw from.

Well, I did have a massive catalog of digital art to draw from, but as I mentioned before, I had a break in the continuity of digital storage from that time till now.

In fact, I’ve actually had several.  One more recent one is the jump from my current computer(s) from my tower.  One that hasn’t actually been turned on in at least 7 years, roughly 3 years after Apple declared it ‘legacy.’  The last time I turned it on to ‘use’ it likely then, and to my dismay, many of the programs I used were apparently unable to use modern versions of files, and in some instances, I found myself at a weird crossroads.  Where the ancient files from the previous century could not be opened on the slightly newer versions of my programs (I didn’t realize that the last time they updated), but I also couldn’t open anything I was given that day. It was suddenly very useless.  The only thing I could use it for was archiving and playing DVDs (Update: I couldn’t do that, either).

Which means my archive needs to be raided for me to share the artwork.  My apologies for not being more exhaustive in my research into the matter.


I can give a brief overview, beyond what is here regarding the story.  There were to be four (plus three) principal characters, and the four (plus three) would protect the portions of civilization that still existed after ‘the event,’ also with trying to put the pieces back together to understand why it happened in the first place.  The story would officially start about 20 years after the event, so there were still people alive who would remember what was before.  However, by this point, there is so much effort invested in disconnecting from the past that the phrase ‘the event’ (or something similar) was becoming commonplace in nearly all languages and cultures.  The four characters are not only born well after at the start, but they are also raised (from a very early age, like 3-5 years old) in isolation to prepare them for interacting with the rest of us, so to speak.

The story starts with their forcible departure (they decided to leave), made possible by the late entry of the fourth character.  This particular character was sedated until then, so she is meeting them as they are leaving.


The Ladies
All the ladies in the house: Five of the seven characters, though not in their costumes.  I couldn’t find a decent picture of all of them.


This team of four (and later, plus three more) would start with three young ladies and one young man.  The idea was the ‘guy’ would be the team leader in the development of the team.  While there was to be an issue (much later) to address why this dynamic, I’ll just say that it had more to do with availability than anything else.

And while I do state the guy was to be the leader, that was only how the project was structured.  In reality, rather than this be a guy with three submissive ‘wives’ who happened to be insanely powerful, it was more like a group of ladies who allowed this guy to hang out with them because he was harmless (FYI-He does have abilities like them, he’s just non-threatening).

The actual character development was plotted out for only a few years of the series (but none of that was ever published, even online), far enough that I wanted to add three more characters to the mix.

Two of the characters are part of a separate (but parallel) government program designed to start the defense element immediately with whoever they could find.  The back story for these two characters was a rather bizarre combination of events (to me today) that leads to them being on the same team. I’ll discuss them next week. That is a story in its own right.

The final character I’ll talk about in two weeks.  She is less a character I was adding for some specific need or goal.  I’m pretty sure the series could have ended without her ever showing her face.

She represents a reality (much like Maria, like I spoke about here) that I’m not familiar with.  This character is a supermodel (duh, why would I know anything about that?), and was the last child of another pair of supermodels.  Mom was to be born in Sweden, platinum blonde, porcelain skin, blue eyes. Dad is from Lagos, Nigeria, carved from a stone of pure ebony.  This was not so much a ‘what if’ like Maria for me, as a justification for someone I had already heard of with this as their heritage.  I’ve only had the person described to me, but I could definitely draw the likeness from the description.

And while the ‘real’ person with this heritage had a more golden-brown color to their hair, the supermodel version (in my comic) would have bright lavender hair. I apparently liked this color for hair, as you will notice here.

The four would also meet another who would help them in their efforts to not only figure out the cause of ‘the event’ but try to stop another, more devastating one in their future.  And while the series wouldn’t reach that climax till the final issues, there is only one thing I can take away from this endeavor.

It’s not finished.  In fact, it was barely started years ago, and I’m further from its completion now than ever.  Not that I wanted to start yet another thing, but it was surprising how much I left in the air and completely uncharted.

I will admit carving in stone every plot point wasn’t needed, but I think it made it harder to know the pace it should’ve moved. Because I think not having that in mind prevented me not only not finishing the series, it prevented me from giving it a decent start.

I mean this more in an overall way.  The pages (as I recall; I’ll try to post them later) were not finished, and barely colored, and this is with technology and time on my side!  So, working without a deadline can be convenient, I have to see that I need one to keep the ball rolling.

Next week, we will touch on two additions to that series.  Hopefully, by the end of July 2018, I’ll have some additional pictures added to this blog, so that you can see the team.


(7/31/2018) – The blog now includes Still Images!  Aren’t you excited!  Using your eyes, you can look at them, drawing conclusions without a single word! Try this new feature today!

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