This month, we’re going to touch on a few characters that will be new in the series, and a couple that will take on greater prominence from the previous book.

We’ll be touching on the following characters (and species):

  • Tess Coronado
  • Samantha Kershaw
  • Prime Minister Kassandar
  • The Thelspari

(Note: I wasn’t feeling well this week, so I didn’t get as much written as I wanted. I apologize for the shorter blog. I’ll try to make it up next week, once I’m over the Scarlet Fever).

Let’s start with Tess. In the next book, she doesn’t necessarily play a more significant role in the story, but she does display a behavioral change. Richard notes this in one of his log entries:

Even Tess has been quiet, and I am not certain why. 

Richard Tyberius

As a result, she inserts herself into the story, through actions uncharacteristic of her. I’m singling her out in this blog because of how she is presented in the first book. If you’ve not read it, you’re more than welcome to take a look here. Or you can start here. While I’ll admit the events seem like more of an aside in this story, I left it there because of story canon. What she faces will influence her actions as the series progresses, and seeing these events can help you better understand her thinking as the series continues.

It also helps us understand Richard better, too. Because he is forced to address a problem that could cause problems at a crucial moment. Can you imagine the problems caused by not knowing where you are, or where you are going? It can seem minor unless you’re in the midst of a confrontation. And making a poor navigation decision could be the difference between surviving and certain destruction.

What is the cause?

Speaking of worsening matters, Tess became distraught… and out of concern and for the breaches in regulation committed, security was required to place her inside the brig.

Wait, that’s not the actual cause, is it? I think this can be qualified as a ‘symptom’ of the problem. So, when I say she has changed, I didn’t want you to feel it was hyperbole. Though, maybe to some, that change is not a big deal, either.

Next week, we’ll move down the list, and start with Ms. Kershaw.

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