Yes, despite this being one book, some of the characters make a late appearance. While a few are referenced earlier in the book, some appear for the first time in Part II (and yes, this book also contains a ‘Part III’ where a few remaining characters arrive).

This is not to be an exhaustive list of the new characters, but more an opportunity to show how their appearance alters the premise of who the Silent Invader is.

Prime Minister Kassandar

This man is one who is appearing to lead The Pact. Okay, maybe not ‘appearing’ to lead. Here, he is making a statement regarding some events that occur in the second book:

(Just as a reminder, there are spoilers in here, but most will likely only make sense to people who’ve read the first book. You’ve been warned.)

“…It is clear that the Alexandrian empire feels that we are a threat to their dominance in this area of the galaxy. They have already attacked ships that were sent to retrieve our people, now held against their will and killed 200 officers in our forces, in a display of their power.” 

Prime minister Kassandar

There appears to be an escalation that occurs between Earth and Richard’s family that could seem surprising, given what I’ve previously said about their relationship with Earth. What happened?

I would point out that while the second book is still being edited, this quote is accurate. If you’ve read the first, you may realize what I’m referring to, but after you read the second, you’ll also understand what’s happening in that statement.

And Kassandar also appears to have an agenda, made clear with a simple statement:

“This will prove to be their undoing.”

Prime Minister Kassandar

What will ‘prove to be their undoing?’ Well,… nah, I won’t say here. You’ll find out when you read it.

The Maelstrom

This may sound familiar if you’ve read the first book. This entity is only spoken of in the first book but makes an appearance in the second. The Maelstrom makes an interesting introduction:

Richard turns back, seeing his tactical officer pointing his weapon at a being in a heavy black cloak.

Richard immediately stands, drawing his weapon. “How dare you take on the appearance of the great Maelstrom! If you are an impostor, you realize this atrocity will cost you your life?”

“If I am indeed an impostor,” the being replies.

Without hesitation, Richard fires at the being three times. 

The Maelstrom appears in the book, introducing some new variables to the story, and even helping to clarify events from even the first book regarding why things are the way they are. This entity even helps to make clear a vital point at this stage of the book (and even the series):

“You will soon understand who truly is your ‘Silent Invader.’”

The Maelstrom

I actually referred to this in an earlier blog, to emphasize that the Silent Invader has yet to be faced. The Maelstrom makes clear this confrontation is very close for Richard.

The novel then introduces more events and people to bring to a climax Richard’s final encounter with the Silent Invader.

Next week, we’ll talk about credit management, and how to amass senseless amounts of debt eating french fries.

I mean, we’ll talk about me.

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